Ciders change frequently & may not reflect what is currently on in the tasting room. We apologize for an inconvenience.

Gangsta’s Pearadise  

5.7% ABV  

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's only apple and pear left. When bosh mixes in with my tasty apple base my  caramalized flavor pulles throuugh because of my long reduction process (15 hours)  Keep spending most our lives Livin' in a gangsta's pearadise        


6.2% ABV

WE CAN DIG IT! I’m all Local baby! Conesus honey and NY chamomile are  blended with my NY apple cider base. I'm smooth and flavorful with a chamomile finish. I am good at the bar after a long day or in a bubble bath listing to smooth r&b, share me with lovers and friends... im here to calm your soul!

Pumpkin For The People

5.3% ABV 

Sometimes when the people ask and ask and ask and ask....AND ASK. They get what they ask for. This ne is for all you pumpkin people out there. All the spices and all the pumpkin just for you! We only make it for a short  amont of time so get your fill while you can 

Hold The Crust (Apple Pie)     6.4%ABV  

I’m made up of Grandma Fran’s famous apple pie filling. For every gallon of cider we make one pie... hold the crust. I'm spiced with three different kinds of cinnamon as well as  nutmeg, mace, and clove. I enjoy long walks through crunchy foliage and bar stool  conversations. Save dessert and drink your pie! 

Catch Me If You Can

5.5% ABV 

I'm a fast runner....Way faster than molasses. Ginger and clove help me keep my speed. I’m better than a cookie, I come with a kick. Come enjoy me while you can, because you know its only a short time before I run right out of here.


6.2% ABV 

OOOO THE COLOR THE COLOR!! When Mint and Beets join forces with the power of apple you would not believe the out come... Its toatlly mint to be! Give this tasty combonation a try we know you are intrigued.

Cherry Cherry Why Ya Buggin?

6.8% ABV

I am tart & refreshing & sure to wrap around your taste buds like a hug!  Don’t worry about cherry cause cherry’s not scary! cherry cherry why ya buggin'? cherry cherry I need a huggin'!  TART NY CHERRIES ARE SOOOOOO DROPADONIUM! 

Matcha Man Apple Savage

6.5% ABV

I’M  BAAAACCCKKKK!  GET READY TO SAY OOOOOO YEAAAAHHH  I am Matcha Tea Infused hard cider. I'm strong like Randy coming in at 6.5%. My flavor is a bit tart with an earthy dry finish. Tho i don't pair  best with Slim Jim's i go awesome with just about everything else.   

Weck Me Up Before You Go Go 5.8% ABV 

SINCE WE HAVE BEEN LEAVING YOU HANGING ON LIKE A YO-YO... we are bringing you a lil Buffalo treat before Buffalo opens. Inspired by a sando worth a messy bite! Farm fresh horseradish, toasted caraway seeds, kosher salt, and a weird vegan beef broth go into this bizarre cider that keeps you questioning why... well the answer is why not! 

FO-TI Ounces to Freedom

6.2% ABV 

It's no question where I get my smoke and earth flavor from... a Chineese herbal root called fo-ti. I'll keep your hair permed and you looking good in red. i'm easy to drink because of my dry finish.Don't forget to pour some out for your boys Bradley & Loui dog!  "The answers always waiting at OSB, 40 oz to freedom,SoI take that walk."


Beers change frequently & may not reflect what is currently on in the tasting room. We apologize for an inconvenience.

Rohrbach Brewing Company -- Scotch Ale -- 6.8%    

Our flagship brew, Rohrbach’s famous Scottish-style Ale is a strong, full-bodied ale with a sweet caramel finish  


Sloop Brewing Co. -- DDH Simcoe Bomb -- 6.5% (130z)

DDH Simcoe Bomb is brewed with a double dose of dry Simcoe Hops. This one on Juice Bomb showcases the piney, resinous characteristics of Simcoe. Oranges and tangerines on the nose, tropical sherbet on the front of the palate, and a delicate pine on the finish. This beer will make you young again.  


KCBC -- Invasion of the Berry Snatchers -- 5.1% (130z)

Bright, ruby-red in the glass. Fresh jam-stand jam, juicy mixed-berry cocktail, and clean acidity on the finish. Balanced and crushable. Alien invaders never tasted so good.  


THREE HEADS -- The Kind India Pale Ale -- 6.8% Voraciously hoppy & not overly bitter. The Kind brings enormous aroma and maximum flavor. It’s like taking a walk through a pine forest & ending up at a citrus farm. This beer brings joy to the world, one sip at a time.  


Thin Man Brewery -- Pills Mafia -- 4.9% (can)        


other things...

FOX RUN- on the run SEMI DRY RESLING        

nitro cold brew (glen edith)        

fizz soads (variety of flavors)     

Grape Lakes

5.7% ABV  

The Great Lakes — Superior, Huron, Michigan, Ontario and Erie — make up the largest body of fresh water on Earth... We took the concord grapes that grow native between Erie and Ontario along the 90 as far as the eyes can see and made you this delicious cider that smells sweet tastes semi sweet and finished with a punchie tartness. We think its as great and those rad lakes and know you will too! 

Old School Quince With a Diamond In The Back

5.2% ABV  

Quince & Diamond grape join forces with apple to create this epic flavor prifile. The first sip will have you feeling like you’re wearing freshly shined Gator boots & a pimped out Gucci suit. It won’t cost you all your rent money & you’ll have enough left to fill the tank. 

I Love it When You Call me Hopped Papa 5.7% ABV 

All 10 my hop varietals are grown on stone hill road by our main man ANDY.Brewers gold, CTZ,  Chinook, Magnum,Sterling, Mt. Hood,Willamette, Ultra Santium & Cascade hops go into giving me my floral & hoppy punch. its sure to make you Throw your hands in the air, (even if your not a player)     

Insane as a Hurricane 6% ABV   

When passionfruit, blood orange, lime and cherry collide it rains down on your taste buds like a hurricane. It smells of passionfruit and leaves you with a tart citrus aftertaste that leaves you longing for more. After the first sip we often hear “man that’s insanely good!” We know you’ll at least think it, even if you don’t shout it out like Brogan did. 

Scotch Bonnet Bomber

6.9% ABV

​​California is my favorite state! Two out of three peppers are named after California cities. I’m apple forward with a throat chop of spicy at the end that leaves you wanting another sip. I am best paired with anything south of the boarder. If you are daring and love a kick I can be enjoyed anywhere at  anytime.

The Original

11% ABV

I'm the one that started it all! A combination of apples & concord grapes go in to making me a strong & exciting cider. I am fermented until I reach 11% ABV & then I get to chill out in the barrel house in Black Button Whiskey barrels. I'm strong. bold & fun. I am great in cocktails & some people enjoy making French onion soup with me.