Pretty Fly For a Dry Guy

5.3% ABV

My apple flavor is the shining star of the show, I start out as delicious fresh pressed apple and then i am fermented to 5.3% abv with a brix of 3 (science for residual sugar) i can be enjoyed with friends, faux, enemies & hoes (sorry gram, perhaps thats why we got your 3 star review!) AT LEAST All the girlies say I’m pretty fly for a dry guy!   

You Guava Be Kidding Me

5.3% ABV  

Guava and jasmine flowers go together to make this slightly tart, slightly sweet with a beautiful floral finish. We small batched it so make sure you try it before its gone and you say man you guava be kidding me! I love that stuff. 


I am tart & refreshing & sure to wrap around your taste buds like a hug!  Don’t worry about cherry cause cherry’s not scary! cherry cherry why ya buggin'? cherry cherry I need a huggin'!  TART NY CHERRIES ARE SOOOOOO DROPADONIUM! 

Let The Boys Be Boysenberry 5.6% ABV 

WTF is a boysenberry... The boysenberry is a cross among the European raspberry , European blackberry, American dewberry, & loganberry. UHHH Whatever... just sing the song!  “Slam, da duh duh, da duh duh Let the boys  be boysenberry Slam, da duh duh, da duh duh Let the boys  be boysenberry” 

I Love It When You Call Me Hopped Papa 5.7% ABV 

All 10 my hop varietals are grown on stone hill road by   our main man Andy. Brewers gold, CTZ, Chinook, Magnum, Sterling  Mt. Hood, Willamette, Ultra  Santium and Cascade  hops go into giving me my floral and hoppy punch. its sure to make you Throw  your hands in the air, (even  if your not a player)   

FO-TI Ounces to Freedom

6.2% ABV 

It's no question where I get my smoke and earth flavor from... a Chineese herbal root called fo-ti. I'll keep your hair permed and you looking good in red. i'm easy to drink because of my dry finish.Don't forget to pour some out for your boys Bradley & Loui dog!  "The answers always waiting at OSB, 40 oz to freedom,SoI take that walk."

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Perrrrrry (with a lil cherry) ​​ 

You wake up late for works and you don’t wanna go!

You ask your brother please? But he still says no!

You missed 2 accounts and no kegs work.

Your bother preaches punctuality like you’re some kind of jerk!  

Shes gotta fight for your right to Perry Shes gotta fight! 

Gettin’ Piggy With It

5.9% ABV 

smoked apples & tasty bacon were sent to us by RUSTY PIG in Geneva NY. They sold more OSB last year than any other draft product (including Bud)  “On your mark ready set let's go! Smoke house pro! I know you know I go psycho when my the cider hit! Just can't sit! Got to get piggy wit it....

Hip-hop Hibiscus  

6.4% ABV 

My apples are enhanced by adding citra hops and then steeping in some hibiscus tea. The flavor is sure to make your taste buds dance and sing “I live and die for Hip Hop, This is Hip Hop hibiscus, I give props to hip-hop so.. Hip Hop hooray, ho, hey, ho, hey, ho!

Lemon Clear My Throat

5.9% ABV

At the count of three I want everybody in the place to be To make some noise if ya down with OSB... One, two, three... Lemongrass and ginger collide to create my kool and refreshing flavor. With every sip you can nearly hear the beat drop. Enjoy me in the hot hot sun.  

Rhu-Hah Got You All In Check  

6.5% Abv 

“Throw your hands up in the air don't ever disrespect Rhu-Hah! I got you all in check” My tangy finish come from the rhubarb that is locally grown in NY and my apples are 100% locally sourced as always. If i could be any one in the world I would be Busta Rhymes on a Saturday... its probably his best day. 

Summertime Strawbreezy

6% ABV

My apple & strawberry are here to make your summer taste great. I’m a refreshing mix of sweet & tang. My apple does the heavy lifting but My strawberry finish hits you like a cool summer breeze on the hottest day! You’re going to want to drink me year round but you’ll have to settle cause I”m purly a summertime state of mind 

Mötley Blüe

6% ABV

Call me Dr. Feelgood with this new flavor. Pineapple, watermelon and blue spirulina (our all natural option for the color) are the “Mötley Crüe” which makes the recipe anything but the Same Ol’ Situation. This made for the summer cider isn’t just for the Girls, Girls, Girls! It’ll Kickstart Your Heart and make you want to take some Home Sweet Home

Hold The Crust (Apple Pie)     6.4%ABV  

I’m made up of Grandma Fran’s famous apple pie filling. For every gallon of cider we make one pie... hold the crust. I'm spiced with three different kinds of cinnamon as well as  nutmeg, mace, and clove. I enjoy long walks through crunchy foliage and bar stool  conversations. Save dessert and drink your pie! 

Scotch Bonnet Bomber

6.9% ABV

​​California is my favorite state! Two out of three peppers are named after California cities. I’m apple forward with a throat chop of spicy at the end that leaves you wanting another sip. I am best paired with anything south of the boarder. If you are daring and love a kick I can be enjoyed anywhere at  anytime.


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