We are an Upstate NY craft ciderworks, operated by siblings Elise and Eric Smith. Our name pays homage to our father and his late uncle. Back in the day they hid their homemade hard cider from Aunt Bobby, in stumps. The phrase "let's go blow up some stumps" became code for backyard swilling because the cider was so strong it could blow up stumps. We make a variation of this cider in-house and think fond thoughts of Uncle Charlie everytime we talk about it. We utilize NY apples, as well as other local ingredients to ferment tasty libations for locals and cider enthusiasts alike. In our gift shop you will find goods that are printed by local companies and art made by talented people from the surrounding areas. 

"Skates on a plane"

Elise has a background in Graphic Design, Pastry and Bartending. She has been bartending for over a decade and in the service industry since she was born. She has competed in regional and national cocktail competitions. She has served drinks from coast to coast and abroad. She's ready to serve you some cider.

Favorite Flavor:

Honey Cham you Dig it!


Everything crafty, baking, skateboarding, surfing, traveling, laughing chillin with my puppy

Random Fact:

She has 73 different pairs of prescription glasses and collects number 13 pool balls.

"Along for the ride"

Eric has a background in the culinary arts. He is a graduate of The Institute Of Culinary Education in NYC and studied at Taillevent in Paris, France. He has worked at a variety of restaurants in NYC and taught at New York Wine & Culinary Center in Canandaigua. His interest in craft brewing along with his refined palette lead him to his cider making passion. Come try what he has been busy fermenting.


Favorite Flavor:

Fo-Ti Ounces to Freedom


Wakesurfing & Lake Life

Random Fact:

He's a "great lake" groundsman. He often has nightmares about having a printer full of tickets and all of them are for chicken french.

"Gone too Far"

Proff is our guy!

He has a degree is Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis from CCFL. He has been making fermented products since the early 80's.

Favorite Flavor:

Currantly Cider Thyme


Singing in a band, gardening, computer gaming.


Random Facts:

He was born in Sitka Alaska. He is a self-taught computer geek and worked for ten years as a Systems Administrator for a company on the forefront of Virtual Reality and computer sound. 



Sir Glenister is my name and getting pets from everyone is the name of the game... I'm sassy and full of love, only pet me once shame on you, pet me twice and i own you! 

Favorite Flavor: My mom won't let me have it (don't tell her but i really like when she spills it and i get a secret sip)


Getting pets from all the cool people who come into the shops. Surfing on the center console of the car. Chewing on tennis balls. Chasing all the toys around the house. Riding on the boat and yelling at my mom in my weird grumble voice.


Random Facts: I was conceived on my Grandpas birthday. My birthday is February 12th. I helped my mom win a mayor election at the plaza of dreams. I work all the time, and i like to kneed the carpet with my paws wile chewing on my tennis ball.

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"Stone cold chillin"

Brandon has a degree in environmental studies. He loves the Earth and strives to make each day greener then the day before. He has plenty of years in the customer service industry and loves to meet and get to know new people. 


Favorite flavor: Motley blue mixed with scotch bonnet bomber 

Hobbies: Hiking, gardening, traveling, plant propagation, floating in the lake, photography and chilling on a beach with a cider in  hand. 


Random Fact: He has over 80 house plants and has a cat named Diego he rescued from a greenhouse. 


"Strong as the OG!"

Leanna has her masters degree in percussion performance from the California Institute of the Arts. She has been lucky enough to travel all over the world with different orchestras and performing groups! Leanna loves to talk and swap stories, so come hang and grab a pint with her! 


Favorite Flavor: Gangsta’s Pear-a-dise 


Hobbies: walking around the city, checking out new restaurants, traveling, playing and listening to music


Random fact: she was a figure skater for 16 years of her life. 


"Thumbs all the way up"

Accountant by day, novice bartender by night. Justin has been a devoted cider drinker since birth. An avid OSB promoter since they hit the market; driving to Rochester for tastings/events, Justin was thrilled to hear of the Buffalo location opening. Born and raised in the 716, Justin has traveled the East Coast, living in Maryland for 10 years, until he returned home in 2017. He’s stoked to tell you about his favorite flavors, which is more or less, all of them. 


Favorite flavor: OG or Insane As A Hurricane 


Hobbies: relaxing in the hot tub with a growler of the newest OSB flavor, keeping up with the Joneses lawns, Sheas season ticket holder, and chauffeuring his two kids to sports.


Random fact: proud success story of the NYS foster care system, Justin would like to foster other kids one day.